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Icengineworks 1-5/8 inch 1625 Series PRO Kit - 1625PRO


  • Equal Length
  • Correct Firing Order
  • Race spec accuracy
  • Build in hours not days or weeks
  • Cost Effective & No wastage
  • Build manifold in any material
  • Complete solution
  • No software or computer required
  • Smooth transitions for performance
  • Stay ahead of Competition

Designing and building exhaust manifold headers has never been easier, Icengineworks has the perfect solution. Icengineworks precision exhaust header modeling system takes the guesswork out of making custom headers, resulting in an equal length race spec manifold built in hours instead of days saving you Time and making you money.

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Series1625 Series
TypePro Kit
Series Diameter1-5/8"OD
Straight Modeling Blocks60 Pieces
2" CLR Modeling Blokcs60 Pieces
3" CLR Modeling Blokcs60 Pieces
4" CLR Modeling Blokcs60 Pieces
5" CLR Modeling BlokcsN/A
6" CLR Modeling BlokcsN/A
Block Adapters8 Pieces
Tack Welding ClampsN/A
2" CLR HDPE Tube-Cutting SpacerN/A
3" CLR HDPE Tube-Cutting SpacerN/A
4" CLR HDPE Tube-Cutting SpacerN/A
5" CLR HDPE Tube-Cutting SpacerN/A
6" CLR HDPE Tube-Cutting SpacerN/A
Universal Aluminum Radial Cutting PlateN/A
User Manual & Control SheetYes
Storage CaseYes
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Part ID 1625PRO
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