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  • Profusion adjustable O2 Lambda Oxygen Sensor Restrictor

    Profusion adjustable O2 Lambda Oxygen Sensor Restrictor designed and developed by Profusion Customs has become a worldwide solution to many issues raised when a catalytic converter is removed, whenever a change is made to the emission system it can trigger a warning light to come up on the dash, mainly caused by the increased CO2 flow detected by the sensor. This lambda sensor extension is the perfect solution and will solve this problem, it inad

    Designing and building exhaust manifold headers has never been easier, Icengineworks has the perfect solution. Icengineworks precision exhaust header modeling system takes the guesswork out of making custom headers, resulting in an equal length race spec manifold built in hours instead of days saving you Time and making you money. This innovative 3D modeling kit allow you to construct any header configuration using inch long blocks until the perf
  • ProBomb Universal Cherry Red Loud Silencer

    With a variety of Bomb style mufflers on the market, it is obvious the famous ProBomb Universal Cherry Red Loud Silencer is the clear leading choice for car enthusiasts, manufactured to a high standard to deliver a truly deep rumble, designed to deliver performance, Sound and all this without restricting the flow. Just like Dyson re-engineered the vacuum cleaner, Profusion Customs re-engineered the Bomb silencer, available in cherry red, Black or