PRO Bomb Universal back box round tail pipe exhaust silencer In Cherry Red Color - 81820T

SKU: 81820T
Muffler Type: Pro Bomb
Inlet /Outlet: 1.75 inch / 2 inch / 2.25 inch / 2.5 inch
Body Diameter: 3.5 inch
Body Shape: Round
Tail Pipe Diameter: 2.75 inch
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We have over 500 different mufflers/silencers available to buy online here and have it shipped in most countries around the world, use the filter below to help find the best suited muffler for your application.

An exhaust silencer/muffler is an important part of a vehicle which makes sure that wasted gasses are vacated efficiently and the sound level is controlled satisfactorily, not all silencers are the same, and it is imperative to use the correct one for your application, this is why at Profusion Exhausts we only sell mufflers/silencers that have a high quality build which lasts a lifetime and also deliver a deep tone to improve your driving experience.

Our mufflers are regarded as the best mufflers available on the market today due to the high quality build, they feature stainless steel bodies, muffler caps and perforated cores, with straight through technology and the two stage acoustic fibre, making sure to deliver the performance and power needed.

Suitable for street and motorsport use due to the sound level control keeping the decibel readings in check, rule of thumb the bigger the silencer the quieter it is, with a vast range to choose from, our silencers can be installed in any vehicle, petrol or diesel, all our mufflers/silencers are universal fitment and should be installed by a professional.

Note one: Our mufflers/silencers, can be welded or clamped in place.
Note two: All mufflers are shown as ID (internal diameter) for example, if you are using a 2.5 inch muffler, a 2.5 inch OD (outside diameter) inch tube will slide inside the muffler.

Muffler Type:Pro Bomb
Main Core Diameter:2 inch
Inlet /Outlet:1.75 inch / 2 inch / 2.25 inch / 2.5 inch
Body Diameter:3.5 inch
Body Length:12 inch
Body Shape:Round
Configuration:Centre / Centre
Tail Pipe Diameter:2.75 inch
Tail Pipe Length:6.5 inch
Tail Pipe Material:Stainless Steel
Tail Pipe Style:Rolled Edge